Come Balance Craps System

There are several strategies to maximize the chance to win for those who are looking to do well in craps table. And one of them is called the come balance craps system. This craps strategy is based on sending come bets and line bets simultaneously during a sequence.

Pass line bets win when either 7 or 11 is rolled and lose when 2, 3, or 12 is rolled. The point must be repeated after it is established for the pass line bet to win. The come bet is similar to a pass line bet. However, a come bet is replaced after the point is established. Sometimes, they can cancel out each other in cases like having $5 pass line bet with 5 points and place a come bet, then win shortly after that with 7 rolled out. The come balance craps system is designed to take advantage of these issues.

When you put come and pass line bets at the same time you are balanced and protect yourself against a 7 roll out. You start to win when numbers start repeating. It is important that you balance your come bets with other bets in this craps strategy. You will start with a pass line bet and then place a come bet with the same amount. For example, the first one is for $10 pass line bet, then $10 for come bet, then $20 come bet and so on. So, basically you will be making come bets of whatever the amount is on the table. You should not make other bets unless you can utilize some exceptional situations.

You should remember that you can lose if 2, 3, or 12 is rolled out. In case you want to cover yourself, make a three way craps bet which will pay you 15 to 1 on the three and 30 to 1 on two or twelve. However, you have to make these bets on every roll which is a problem. So, the basic objective of this craps strategy is to neutralize the 7 by balancing. You are hoping to get repeat numbers to be in a good shape in the game.